Phoenix Challenge Coins is more than just a service provider.


Phoenix Challenge Coins is more than just a service provider.

fire fighter

Phoenix Challenge Coins is more than just a service provider.


Phoenix Challenge Coins is more than just a service provider.

Military Coins



With so many veteran’s, spouses, and collectors out there it’s not hard to find unit coins online. There are law enforcement challenge coin and military challenge coin collectors groups you can join.

It’s usually here that collectors and military coin enthusiasts congregate to show pictures of their latest coin acquisitions. Talk about trading and networking with one another to grow and expand their collections.For custom military coins online however, there is only one military coin usa mint which should be your primary destination. Phoenix Challenge Coin Companycan accommodate all of your custom military coin design and custom coin minting needs in one place. If you’re interested in getting your very own military coin made, please contact us for a free price quote and concept art of your quality challenge coin design.

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Military coins are also a general term used to describe a custom challenge coin made by any military entity. Both a unit coin and a military coin are awarded for a variety of reasons. To learn more we recommend that you read the following pages on our website Custom Challenge Coin History, and our Custom Challenge Coin Check ‘Rules’ pages. In short the two terms are synonymous with one another.

We have lots of amazing examples of different custom military challenge coins, and custom unit challenge coins we’ve made for clients in our photo galleryàhere. If you’d like assistance with getting a unit coin made please get in contact with us, or fill out our free quote and artwork request form here and we’ll start the process towards getting your quality challenge coin made for you.

Military Coins
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Military coin Holder

There are a variety of ways you can display your custom military coins in your home, office, or anywhere. For individual unit coins we offer a single challenge coin holder which you can have us customize for you. You can also purchase non-personalized challenge coin holders in our store here. If you have a lot of military coins to display anywhere another popular option is to use what is commonly known as a stadium style coin display holder. It allows you to showcase your personalized coin collection together in vertically tiered rows.


Unique Challenge Coins for Military

The sheer variety and numbers of unit coins and military coins which have been made is mind boggling. Do you find yourself wondering where you can buy authentic military coins in the usa? Look no further than right here! We offer collectors and everyone the ability to shop in our store for a huge variety of unit challenge coins and military challenge coins for sale. Some are authentic, others are made for collectors, and some of our offerings are from the wholesale coin market. Shop and buy from our online store now!


Military Coins for SPouses

This type of Criss Cross pattern is cut by our specialized machines into the side edge of your military challenge coins edge. As you can see from the picture above it creates a diamond style grid pattern on the outside edge of your custom challenge coin.

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One interesting thing about this type of edging is that it is often mistakenly called a petal cut edge. Some of our competitors will tell clients that they are the same thing. Unfortunately this is as a of their lack of knowledge of their own industry and often because they don’t make your custom challenge coins ‘in house’. As you can see the scalloped cut edge is done with a machine and on a bevel. Supposedly there is supposed to be a similarity to a ‘scallop’ shell, but we just don’t see that….Maybe you do?


Timeless and military coins Embrace the tradition

If you read our little bit above about scalloped edging you know there is in fact a difference between this type of cut edge and a scalloped cut edge. They do in fact look similar but they are different in the fact that a petal cut edge leave a small thin raised metal line on the outside diameter and side edge of the challenge coin. It’s quite pronounced and easily recognizable and an easy way to tell the difference between a scalloped coin edge and a petal cut challeng coin edge.


Personalized military Coins For sale

Military Coins
Strength and Honor
Military Coins
Strength and Honor
Military Coins
Strength and Honor

As you can see form the above we can integrate all sorts of custom shapes and edging designs into your personalized challenge coin project.