About Phoenix

Phoenix Challenge Coins is more than just a service provider or a custom challenge coin minting company. We’re custom challenge coin gurus, innovators, and inventors in regards the custom challenge coins, and the other products we manufacture for you. One thing which sets us above our competition is we’re more than passionate about what we do and the products we provide. We eat, sleep and breathe custom challenge coins, lapel pins, badges, patches, etc…. We’re collectors, inventors and innovators in our field. We’re a premier us challenge coin minting company which provides the best of everything to our clients.

We take the idea of quality challenge coin designs and bring them to a higher plane of excellence.Challenge coins have emerged as one of the most popular keepsakes, and the tradition continues today with their use among professional organizations, civic groups, religious groups, Fortune 500 Companies, sports teams, gamers, internet forums, car and motorcycle clubs, and as many different other organizations as you can imagine.These very special treasures are time honored, bring lots of pride, and memories of a stellar career to a coin recipient.

This has been proven among every modern countries Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Corps, Merchant Marines and Coast Guard members. Warriors, mentors, professors, professionals, and everyone loves an amazing, unique custom challenge coin made by us!

Best Quality
New Military Coins
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Why Us?

In your search for a custom products provider you run across a lot of claims. At Phoenix Challenge Coins we don’t operate on rhetoric or marketing shtick. We understand what these products represent to our clients, and what they really mean to them. We realize that the products we provide will become life-long memories for you and your team. Call, email or submit a price quote request to us to start your journey with Phoenix Challenge Coins now.

A unique, one-on-one customer service experience

When you call, we answer. mail us and we promptly write a reply back to you. Have questions, comments, concerns or complaints, again get in contact with us to talk about it ,link to contact form> We enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of our products in use. Please feel free to send us comments, pictures and feedback by email, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest Tumblr, or anywhere!


High Quality Designs and Finished Products

We provide high quality professional artwork, fast manufacturing, and prompt delivery of the highest quality product the industry has to offer to you.

Open Communication

We keep you in the loop about the status and progress of your project. We keep you abreast of all developments with your order. In short, when you become a client, you’re a part of the team and the Phoenix Challenge Coins family.

Why Choose Us?

We’re at the pinnacle of our industry. Others model their businesses after us. They spend their time trying to figure out what we’ll do next. Our competitors copy us, steal pictures of our products to gain your business.

Why do they do that you ask? Because we’re the best. Our competitors are out there starting off where we have already been. We just laugh and wave to them through the ‘rear view mirror’. We look forward to you joining the Phoenix Challenge Coins family so we can take care of all your custom product needs. Once you’re in, everyone wants what we’re making!